Knotan for art Magazin

Knotan was recently featured in the weekly column about nude photography of art Magazin.

What attracts you to the subject nudity?
I’m not just about nudity. For me the expression of the person and the reality of the photo is just as important.

How far would you go? Are there any taboos?
I don’t think that I have any taboos, as long as the photo serves a purpose.

When is nudity a work of art?
Ask the viewer! When would you describe yourself as an artist?

Are there any inspiring role models?
Larry Clark, Jouko Lehtola, Lars Tunbjörk, Malin Skjold and many others.

What other themes are you also concerned with?
Feelings and forms of expression are most important to me.

What project would you like to realise one day?
There is currently no specific project planned. But I would definitely like to have more exhibitions.