Knotan: Jewellery design by Stina Engström

For his latest project Knotan turns his lens away from beautiful girls and onto the more conventional glitter of jewellery. Scandinavian designer Stina Engström is a big fan of Knotan’s provocative style and couldn’t think of a more fitting photographer to shoot her latest collection ‘Black is the light’.

Made entirely from black materials, Engström’s collection is a tribute to the darkness, and the creativity that can seep out of it. Knotan shot the series in a blacked-out studio with only one light source. Necklaces dangle in mid air as black shards reflect light back to our eyes, like the glistening waves of a silver moon-lit lake. Smoke curls seductively around the necklace as if exhaled by Marlene Dietrich. Knotan has just made Plexiglas sexy.