Knotan: Mes Dames Lookbook

What happened here? The Swedish fashion label Mes Dames commissioned Knotan for their new Lookbook and the result is a very different and much more moderate aspect of his work. Impressive!

Usually Knotan equals anarchy. Models are paired with the most curious scenes and his artistic genius. This time it’s different.

The Lookbook he created for Mes Dames is plain but expressive, reduced but effective.

All we see is a model wearing pieces from the latest collection of Mes Dames. Knotan manages to tease an effective mix of elegance and grace out of her which perfectly matches his style and the label.

The chemistry of interaction between Knotan and the person, or persons, he takes photographs of seems to be just right. This extraordinary atmosphere can be seen again and again in his pictures.

The wild Knotan is great but the reduced one also knows how to expertly handle a camera.