Knotan: Sandqvist AW 2015

If you know the swedish fashion label sandqvist, you know the label stands for high-quality outdoor fashion and accessories. Always a straight line. Reduced but high-quality fabrics.
But all of a sudden, the fall/winter collection calls patterns into play. It’s getting lively during a rather quiet season.
And as if that wasn’t innovative enough, they break fairy tale rule no. 1 and send Knotan into the woods with a couple. If you know Kotan’s works, you know what’s coming now.
“Fear and Loathing in Sweden”, or romanticism à la Jack Wolfskin meets “Knotan in Wonderland”.
The result is, of course a wonderful picture series because despite all the absurdity, Knotan is still an artist. So the models don’t get around being photographed with deer heads on their heads or being chased onto a raised hide. At times, he literally leaves them out in the woods, at times he photographs them in the spotlight in front of creepy barns. If you think this is all a coincidence, you’re wrong.
So Knotan dared to explore unknown territory for sandqvist and together they created a campaign that makes you want to go out and experience nature. While wearing sandqvist, of course.