Lutz Hilgers: "The Heritage Post" still life portraits

What does one have to do to get one’s photo taken by Lutz HILGERS for THE HERITAGE POST magazine? In Merlin Braun’s case it was his passion for circuits. Merlin has invented the first paper synthesiser by printing silver graphics and lines made of electricity conductive inks onto simple paper. Touch and the bodily resistance this creates produce sounds and notes. The music is idiosyncratic and sounds like a mixture of Tangerine Dream and windscreen wipers.
Peter on the other hand collects vintage Levis Jeans amongst other things in the same vein as others hoard bottles of Bordeaux. He has also made the old cotton vest fashionable again. Moreover Peter happens to have revived the Merz B. Schwanen heritage brand.
And we also have Frank Leder. His thing is fashion. Everything non-mainstream. He sees his work as a sociocultural study of Germany, which he translates creatively into wearable items of clothing. This concept has been met with particularly great acclaim in Japan, where his capsule collections are stocked in the country’s finest boutiques.
Check out the new issue of ‘The Heritage Post’ to find out more about Merlin, Peter and Frank Leder. You can also read up on more men who are living out their own style, all photographed by Lutz of course.