Lutz Hilgers: Van Afferden's Menswear Collection

Having previously teamed up to shoot an interior design feature for ELLE Magazine, Lutz Hilgers and Uwe van Afferden have joined forces again. This time it’s for a feature on Van Afferden’s menswear collection which will be published in his newly launched men’s culture magazine “THE HERITAGE POST”. His magazine and menswear collection are refreshingly old-fashioned and would appeal to any gentleman who has a fondness for the tailored look, especially of the dandyish variety.

Van Afferden’s collection celebrates individualism, old age and the finer things in life, as reflected in Lutz’s shots. The whole series oozes charm and sophistication, Lutz candidly photographs real characters, the kind of renaissance men that appreciate a good glass of Scotch and can quote Nietzsche at the drop of a tweed hat.