Maeve Stam: Potpourri aka. Patta X Prins

Okay, when that much creativity is combined, you just don't know where to begin. First of all, Vice Magazine and Hallal Production from Amsterdam are publishing a film about a young boy and his crazy friends. But if you know those two creative wells you also know that this description might sound simple and harmless but the result is a wonderfully weird potpourri of comic moments. The pictures for this film are made by Maeve Stam, a young photographer who comes from the milieu and this is where we get to the point. Stam's pictures are just as fancy and alternative as the film about little Ayoub and his life on the streets is funny and alternative. Her own humorous description on her homepage reads: "From the film roll that I found". Of course, this is not true for the two main protagonists but there are these film roll esthetics. Maeve Stam's pictures look like they emerged from pure coincidence and were stolen from another time. She just releases the shutter whenever her gut feeling tells her to and thereby she creates wonderfully transfigured and dreamy, but still very real photographs.

Maeve Stam: Raising a smile for Coca Cola

If you’re ever in a bad mood, do this: take a look at Maeve Stam’s website and scroll yourself happy. Because that’s the first thing you notice on the website, the joy, the fun and the happiness that Stam perfectly manages to catch in her pictures. Besides, her gift for perfect timing becomes obvious. Of course, Coca-Cola engaged the young Dutch woman for their campaign with the slogan “Choose Happiness”. It is great to see the same contentment and happiness in the faces of her pictures for the campaign that you also see in the pictures of her portfolio. This is indicative of the fact that she can also summon the Stam-magic under the stress and pressure that working for such a huge client surely comes along with. Maeve Stam is a photographer to keep in mind, especially if you want to smile from time to time.

NEW ARTIST - Maeve Stam: The Eye of Youth

Maeve Stam’s photographs immediately enchant us, because this young photographer’s eye is so youthful and innocent. In her work, Stam articulates a lightness and ease that have become rare. Her pictures smell of endless summers und unbridled life. Perhaps that’s partly due to the fact that she often involves friends in her projects to capture real life in her works. Stam grew up in Utrecht, where she first studied graphic design for one semester. That’s where she discovered the craft of photography and decided to study it in art school. Before graduating, she moved to Amsterdam, where she still lives and works.