Rafael Pinho: Surreal allusions to Dali for HA magazine

Brazilian fire meets Nordic esthetics. What sounds like it could melt the polar ice caps turns out to be a very stylistically confident and wonderfully creative work by Brazilian photographer Rafael Pinho.

By order of HA magazine, Pinho was granted the chance to contribute a picture series to the third issue that you’d rather expect in an art magazine than in a magazine for Icelandic architecture.

The pictures have a touch of Dalí in them due to their surrealist allusions and their small details. Each picture portrays its own world where, next to the often inverted perspective, the motifs themselves pose riddles.

Despite the fact that the basic idea behind these pictures is one of reduction, they depict complex structures which make the viewer curious and which are fun to unravel. Rafael Pinho intertwines man and design and thereby creates new connections. Often, you get the idea only at second sight and you catch yourself enjoying the observation. The only thing that creates kind of a common thread throughout Rafael Pinho’s wonderful journey of discovery is the background colors.