Sander Foederer – Secrid’s Good Souls

Sander Foederer is usually known as a photographer who likes to deal with people’s behavior in the public space and light studies in his projects. His image campaign for the people of the Secrid brand is therefore all the more surprising and it is definitely worth seeing.

Here, Foederer makes full use of his incredible talent and he presents the employees at their best in their respective working environments.

The pictures are bright and pleasant. Just like the employees presented, all of whom are obviously enjoying their work.

Sander Foederer has mastered the art of finding the perfect angle and the right moment. This makes his picture series look rather candid and not the least bit affected or posed.

His way of working with soft focus and depth effects creates a kind of mouse-perspective. We are right there with him in each picture and we get to know the employees.

A great work that honors the secret stars of Secrid.