Schall&Schnabel: Portraits for ZEIT Magazin

Schall & Schnabel: How to modify an ocean in cycles

This series of images by our multidisciplinary studio Schall & Schnabel combines photographs and 3D renderings. The work is the result of an art project in collaboration with Weltgast.

Schall&Schnabel: TV commercial for Outfittery

Let´s make things easier and the world a well-dressed place! Outfittery found a great companion for their TV commercial with photography and director-duo Schall&Schnabel. 2:

Schall & Schnabel: Beauty editorial with Jazz Mang

Schall& Schnabel: Part of Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors’ Showcase

This year´s The New Directors Showcase at Cannes was curated by no other than Ridley Scott, famed director of Alien, The Martian and other classics. Acting as a platform for talented new directors, the selected talents were showcased to a global audience. Congratulations to Schall & Schnabel!3:

Schall& Schnabel: It´s all about contrasts

Schall & Schnabel: Continue to "Unfixing Things"

Schall & Schnabel: Mercury River

Schall & Schnabel: Stains & Stripes

Schall & Schnabel: Hello darkness my old friend

Eileen Huhn and Pierre Horn from Schall & Schnabel do not seem to be in as dark a mood as the title “Hello Darkness my old Friend” suggests. At least their internet presence and their previous successes prove a rather illustrious lifestyle. But Schall & Schnabel are a creative studio and the magazine Neverlazy is a demanding platform for creative activities. Of course, the duo came up with something special for the summer edition. In the end, and in contrast to summery feelings, the sun was packed away and melancholy was unpacked. The result is a dark fashion series that manages to depict splendor despite all the melancholy. The model Marlene, who perfectly communicates the vision of a sad soul with her expressive performance, is in the center of the glamour. The weakness she shows is her strong suit. The lost, the wistful. She fits almost perfectly into the montage technique that is used by Pierre Horn and Eileen Huhn in this series. The result is an exciting mixture of colors, collage and authentic pictures of Marlene. But also the setting, the styling and the makeup perfectly add to this project.

Schall & Schnabel: Concept, object design and gifs for BMW Zukunftslichter

Schall & Schnabel have proven themselves yet again to be second to none when it comes to creative work. In the context of BMW’s exhibition “Lights of the Future”, they have created and staged an interesting exhibit. The resulting pictures remind the viewer of looking into a well-known toy: the kaleidoscope. It seems to be indicative that the word kaleidoscope comes from the Greek and means “to see beautiful forms” and it can be interpreted as an analogy to the basic idea of BMW’s Lights of the Future. But before we get bogged down in interpretations, it can be said that Schall & Schnabel perfectly managed to depict the alienation of typical car lights and that they skillfully implemented the exhibition’s basic idea. The resulting photos, gifs and videos show a wonderful play of colors created by light reflections that gain a mysterious air in front of the warm blue mist. Schall & Schnabel’s works are and will remain exciting.

Schall & Schnabel: Nimbus

The studio Schall & Schnabel has delivered an impressive picture series for the fashion and beauty magazine „The Storm Magazine“. The combination of various stylistic devices is what turns this series into a must-see. By now, we are used to seeing special motifs from Eileen Huhn and Pierre Horn, who are Schall & Schnabel, but this time the two of them really dug out some special techniques. The fashion series mixes analogue and digital photography and perfectly contrasts high-gloss photographs with vintage pictures. The connection between those two is the idea of making special indoor and outdoor photos which depend on the place where they were made. They are connected by the ink that is artfully integrated into the different motifs. The viewer is overwhelmed by the number of motifs that arose from this project and by the way they are assembled. The models and places are splendidly interwoven. At times they are reduced and at times ostentatious, but all of the pictures have a certain magic about them. Each motif has its own story and esthetic which make for Schall and Schnabel’s memorability. This studio produces great ideas and pictures and we can’t wait for what’s yet to come.

Schall & Schnabel: Splinters of light

In its work the studio “Schall & Schnabel” processes the world into a kaleidoscope of pixels, skin, hair, and cubist shapes. Schall & Schnabel are chroniclers of continuous change and permanent deconstruction. Everything is always on the move, and visual background noise keeps entering the images, lending the sometimes rigorous compositions a fascinatingly strange aesthetics. In the way they use light and shadow, the works remind us of a combination of Man Ray, psychedelic drugs, and the color spectrum of an extraterrestrial insect. The label “Schall & und Schabel” consists of Eileen Huhn and Pierre Horn, whose works have appeared in numerous magazines, including Vision, Material Girl, Blonde, Superior und Woman's Health. The two photographers master a broad spectrum of disciplines: from fashion photography and moving images all the way to installations. Their conceptual strength challenges clients to be creative. Their motto: the more unsual things are, the better!