Schall & Schnabel: Nimbus

The studio Schall & Schnabel has delivered an impressive picture series for the fashion and beauty magazine „The Storm Magazine“.

The combination of various stylistic devices is what turns this series into a must-see. By now, we are used to seeing special motifs from Eileen Huhn and Pierre Horn, who are Schall & Schnabel, but this time the two of them really dug out some special techniques.

The fashion series mixes analogue and digital photography and perfectly contrasts high-gloss photographs with vintage pictures. The connection between those two is the idea of making special indoor and outdoor photos which depend on the place where they were made. They are connected by the ink that is artfully integrated into the different motifs.

The viewer is overwhelmed by the number of motifs that arose from this project and by the way they are assembled. The models and places are splendidly interwoven.

At times they are reduced and at times ostentatious, but all of the pictures have a certain magic about them. Each motif has its own story and esthetic which make for Schall and Schnabel’s memorability.

This studio produces great ideas and pictures and we can’t wait for what’s yet to come.