Schall & Schnabel: Splinters of light

In its work the studio “Schall & Schnabel” processes the world into a kaleidoscope of pixels, skin, hair, and cubist shapes. Schall & Schnabel are chroniclers of continuous change and permanent deconstruction. Everything is always on the move, and visual background noise keeps entering the images, lending the sometimes rigorous compositions a fascinatingly strange aesthetics. In the way they use light and shadow, the works remind us of a combination of Man Ray, psychedelic drugs, and the color spectrum of an extraterrestrial insect.

The label “Schall & und Schabel” consists of Eileen Huhn and Pierre Horn, whose works have appeared in numerous magazines, including Vision, Material Girl, Blonde, Superior und Woman’s Health. The two photographers master a broad spectrum of disciplines: from fashion photography and moving images all the way to installations. Their conceptual strength challenges clients to be creative. Their motto: the more unsual things are, the better!