Schall & Schnabel: How to modify an ocean in cycles

This series of images by our multidisciplinary studio Schall & Schnabel combines photographs and 3D renderings. The work is the result of an art project in collaboration with Weltgast.

Oliver Mark: Richard Lutz for DIE ZEIT

David Thompson: And starring.. for Condé Nast Brides and Vogue China

Sivan Miller: In the streets

Damien Vignaux: Discovering the world with CITROEN C3 Aircross

Once again director and photographer Damien Vignaux created sensuous, exciting images for CITROEN. The new compact SUV C3 Aircross fits perfectly to different lifes and lifestyles, best visualized amidst the impressive scenery of the Canary Islands. 2:

Schall&Schnabel: TV commercial for Outfittery

Let´s make things easier and the world a well-dressed place! Outfittery found a great companion for their TV commercial with photography and director-duo Schall&Schnabel. 2:

Oliver Mark: Capturing Christian Berkel

Schall & Schnabel: Beauty editorial with Jazz Mang

David Thompson: All is light, all is grace

Dave Kennedy: Babyshop Autumn Campaign

Damien Vignaux: Staging bridal dreams for Madame Figaro

Oliver Mark: Rita Ora for Zeit Magazin

Dave Kennedy: The Hike

David Thompson: The NonConformist for Brides Magazine

Schall& Schnabel: Part of Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors’ Showcase

This year´s The New Directors Showcase at Cannes was curated by no other than Ridley Scott, famed director of Alien, The Martian and other classics. Acting as a platform for talented new directors, the selected talents were showcased to a global audience. Congratulations to Schall & Schnabel!3:

Denis Ignatov: What a match! Mario Götze for Men´s Health and Ann- Kathrin Brömmel for Women´s Health Magazine!

Dave Kennedy: Baby Shop Summer Campaign

Fredric Reshew: TissuVille

Knotan: All over the place for Flattered Shoes

Damien Vignaux: Summer dreams with CITROEN E-Mehari

Oliver Mark: two artists

Schall& Schnabel: It´s all about contrasts

Denis Ignatov: Grolman

Denis Rouvre: Portraits for Renault Pro+

Florent Petitfrère: Faces

Oliver Mark: Rising stars and big city myths

Knotan: Way far with Another Escape Magazine

David Maurer: Exploring the world with SKODA Octavia

Anders Jungermark: Getting cozy with Shepherd

Denis Ignatov: Perfect sight with 3M Secure Fit

David Maurer: New Campaign for the BMW 2 Series

Lutz Hilgers: Imagevideo "Nowhere" for Nowadays

Schall & Schnabel: Continue to "Unfixing Things"

Oliver Mark: Portraits of Kevin Traugott

Denis Rouvre: Portraits for DELSEY travel accessories

Kilian Kessler: Playing Golf with UBS

Knotan: Ensemble Portraits for Schauspielhaus Bochum

Denis Ignatov: Luxury cars for Mr. Goodlife

apricotberlin: Summer dreaming with NAWA swimwear

Maeve Stam: Potpourri aka. Patta X Prins

Okay, when that much creativity is combined, you just don't know where to begin. First of all, Vice Magazine and Hallal Production from Amsterdam are publishing a film about a young boy and his crazy friends. But if you know those two creative wells you also know that this description might sound simple and harmless but the result is a wonderfully weird potpourri of comic moments. The pictures for this film are made by Maeve Stam, a young photographer who comes from the milieu and this is where we get to the point. Stam's pictures are just as fancy and alternative as the film about little Ayoub and his life on the streets is funny and alternative. Her own humorous description on her homepage reads: "From the film roll that I found". Of course, this is not true for the two main protagonists but there are these film roll esthetics. Maeve Stam's pictures look like they emerged from pure coincidence and were stolen from another time. She just releases the shutter whenever her gut feeling tells her to and thereby she creates wonderfully transfigured and dreamy, but still very real photographs.

apricotberlin: Bringing back the summer with Channel Island Surfboards

Sunny Lau: In love with Izzy Bizu

Schall & Schnabel: Stains & Stripes

Oliver Mark: Amour fou

As one of five photographers, Oliver Mark caught his personal and intimate version of Berlin with an instant camera for the exhibition “Berlin is for Lovers”. His choice of topics ranges from Hollywood stars to models and separate intimate body parts. Mark just released the shutter whenever he felt like it. As a consequence it is not only the pictures that portray intimate motifs but the moment when the shot is taken is also a very intimate one. The pictures are mysterious and, besides showing a loving Berlin, they reveal recurrent structures that remind the viewer of snow crystals. At times, they are mere footnotes and at times, they cover up whole areas of the motif. The question that remains is whether these structures are a result of the process of taking the pictures or whether there is an actual intention behind these occurrences. Anyway, Oliver Mark’s picture series portrays a slightly profligate, but at the same time a very tempting Berlin and it gives us moments we had not seen if it wasn’t for this series.

apricotberlin: Down to earth - New motifs for American Apparel

The esthetics of American Apparel’s promotional pictures have always been a controversial subject: maybe they’re too revealing, too indecent, too sexist. There definitely was enough negative press. All this, however, cannot be said about the picture series by the two photographers Jessica Schwarz and Tiago da Silva, aka apricotberlin. Connected to American Apparel’s esthetics on the one hand, they also add a breath of fresh air on the other hand. The duo, who has been working for various prestigious clients under the name of apricotberlin since 2015, has a knack for snapshots. Perfect snapshots. The viewer is on eye level with the model who enjoys a day on a beautiful beach somewhere in the world and this creates a feeling of closeness and intimacy. Feelings on which the brand has depended since the year one. Of course, there will always be critics but hopefully, the people who enjoy apricotberlin’s great work are the majority.

Schall & Schnabel: Hello darkness my old friend

Eileen Huhn and Pierre Horn from Schall & Schnabel do not seem to be in as dark a mood as the title “Hello Darkness my old Friend” suggests. At least their internet presence and their previous successes prove a rather illustrious lifestyle. But Schall & Schnabel are a creative studio and the magazine Neverlazy is a demanding platform for creative activities. Of course, the duo came up with something special for the summer edition. In the end, and in contrast to summery feelings, the sun was packed away and melancholy was unpacked. The result is a dark fashion series that manages to depict splendor despite all the melancholy. The model Marlene, who perfectly communicates the vision of a sad soul with her expressive performance, is in the center of the glamour. The weakness she shows is her strong suit. The lost, the wistful. She fits almost perfectly into the montage technique that is used by Pierre Horn and Eileen Huhn in this series. The result is an exciting mixture of colors, collage and authentic pictures of Marlene. But also the setting, the styling and the makeup perfectly add to this project.

Sebastian Artz: On a love trip with a young couple

A photographer who already managed to tame various rock stars in front of the camera and who made an outstanding contribution not only to photography but also to moving pictures, seems to have a magic touch for people and their personal expression. Artz is such a prestigious people photographer who moved from Germany to Los Angeles and who has found his source of inspiration in the city of angels. With his free series “Youth Couple”, he tells the story of a young couple in front of beautiful landscapes but also in funny situations that create a delighted smile on our faces. All these pictures are very close to the people they present and despite them being staged, these pictures depict pure naturalness and they seem wonderfully candid and playful.

Rafael Pinho: Portobello Campaign - Fine Porcelain from Brazil

When a portrait photographer is commissioned to shoot a campaign for one of Brazil’s leading porcelain manufacturers it always ends up in a surprise. In a very pleasant one, we must admit! Rafael Pinho chose to show the magicians responsible behind the beautiful items, cherished by millions of Brazilians. His photos capture the craftsmanship that helped this company to become as famous as it is today. We like it and can’t wait to see more of his work in the future.

Sivan Miller: Chaotic City and beautiful girls

Sivan Miller, the self-taught and talented photographer from Cape Town, again proves his gift for giving fashion photography a stunning impact with “Chaotic City”. In Chaos City, we don’t see a big story. We see a young, attractive model who makes her way through a metropolis on high heels and equipped with various fashion accessories. In contrast to the title, however, Miller manages to create a certain air of tranquility in this chaos. His model is a metropolitan gazelle who strolls through the scenery, sometimes looking spry, sometimes looking dreamy. Elegant, seductive and unapproachable. By Miller’s way of depiction, she finds leisure and becomes a muse of a great photographer herself. Even though we have seen similar pictures a dozen times, Miller manages to turn them into real eyecatchers. The poses, the angles, the lighting. Everything is unified by Miller. The extraordinary relationship of the two electrifies the viewer.

Joel Cartier: Swatch still lives on

Joel Cartier: Nivea Loves Sport with Yann Sommer

Rafael Pinho: Pedigree - A dog changes the way you think

Sexual offender or no sexual offender? Litterbug or no litterbug? In his latest campaign for Pedigree, Rafael Pinho shows us that a dog can completely change our way of thinking about people and this is also the claim of this award-winning campaign. Once again, the world-famous agency AlmapBBDO São Paulo, which decided to work with Rafael again after achieving a silver medal for a previous cooperation (for the client Volkswagen), is responsible for the clue. After this second success, we are sure that this won’t be the last time these two work together.

Rafael Pinho: Sets pianos on fire for Listahatid

Since its inception in 1970, the Reykjavík Arts Festival has invited hundreds of artists from all parts of the globe to perform or exhibit at the festival. Through this activity, the festival has helped to create a vast network of connections between national and non-national artists, it’s been a catalyst for the creation of new works and a major force in the development of cultural diversity in Iceland. Exactly this idea is at the centre of Rafael Pinho’s photos. He decided to set a piano on fire, an element appearing in many oevres mainly because of its cathartic qualities. Catharsis (from the Greek κάθαρσις katharsis meaning “purification” or “cleansing”) is the purification and purgation of emotions – especially pity and fear – through art or any extreme change in emotion that results in renewal and restoration. So…of course he was gonna set a piano on fire, what else?!

Joel Cartier: Joel also knows Energy

Rafael Pinho: Fine Dining for Whiskas

Once again, Rafael Pinho’s love for architecture pays off. In this campaign for Whiskas, he laid the table for man’s second-best friend, the cat. Since the feline race is well known to have royal aspirations, they should definitely not be opposed to Rafael’s way of dining. And fine dining it is! On the rooftops and above the walls of the majestic feline’s empire. These tables look so welcoming that we are sorry not to be invited for dinner. Enjoy your meal!

Joel Cartier: Jan Paul Gaultier loves Cartier

Joel Cartier: 2nd flap for Energy

Rafael Pinho: Everything fits like a glove for VW

Do you know what happens when a photographer who is rooted in architecture shoots a campaign for a car company? Silver happens! Rafael Pinho’s campaign for Volkswagen, commissioned by the famous agency AlmapBBDO São Paulo, won a silver medal at Cannes Lions Festival. Taking a look at this campaign and Rafael’s photos makes you understand why quickly. Rafael’s execution of the claim “The right size for your needs” is flawless. He integrates the four wheels so perfectly into the scenery that you have to look twice to find them. The composition of the surroundings is so balanced and delicate that the viewer feels joy by just looking at them. If this is what silver looks like, we would like to know what you need to do to get gold?

Joel Cartier: Swissair reunites people

Christa Klubert: Exhibitor at UpDate Salon and proud to present Silver Award for Frédérick Carnet

We would like to thank everyone who came around to our booth on this years UpDate Salon in Berlin. All of you made our day so much enjoyable and the Update became a full success. We are also very proud to announce that Frédérick Carnet was able to win Silver in the nude category and a Merit in the Transportation category at the GoSee Awards 2014. Thank you to all the judges who made this happen. See his Artist portfolio here Last but not least have a look at our other talent who where able to become finalists at the Awards. We are also proud of you of course! David Maurer Johann Bisesti Johannes Knuth See you soon// Christa, Andreia & Raphael

Joel Cartier: Let's a motorcycle sweat for BMW

Joel Cartier: Seeks heroes for Austrian Firefightes

Joel Cartier: Smart men and mountains

Sivan Miller: Good combination - Gooseberry Intimates Campaign

Joel Cartier: Campaign for Police

Joel Cartier: Fantastic CD cover for Arturo Expectus

Joel Cartier: Aguayuda Campaign

Sivan Miller: Surfing the wave for Billabong

Joel Cartier: Fashion for belowzero and above

Sivan Miller: Due South Campaign Motif

Sivan Miller: Shoots Season Trends for Glamour