Sivan Miller: In the streets

Sivan Miller: Chaotic City and beautiful girls

Sivan Miller, the self-taught and talented photographer from Cape Town, again proves his gift for giving fashion photography a stunning impact with “Chaotic City”. In Chaos City, we don’t see a big story. We see a young, attractive model who makes her way through a metropolis on high heels and equipped with various fashion accessories. In contrast to the title, however, Miller manages to create a certain air of tranquility in this chaos. His model is a metropolitan gazelle who strolls through the scenery, sometimes looking spry, sometimes looking dreamy. Elegant, seductive and unapproachable. By Miller’s way of depiction, she finds leisure and becomes a muse of a great photographer herself. Even though we have seen similar pictures a dozen times, Miller manages to turn them into real eyecatchers. The poses, the angles, the lighting. Everything is unified by Miller. The extraordinary relationship of the two electrifies the viewer.

Sivan Miller: Riding the wave with Billabong

The Australian enterprise Billabong, which is known for making sportswear for surfers, skaters and snowboarders, got Sivan Miller on board for a shooting for the female section “surfcapsule”. Or rather, it got him on the surfboard. Anyway, the self-educated Sivan Miller, who is from Cape Town, seems to be fully in his element and delivers a great shooting with the pro surfer Tanika Hoffman, who is also from South Africa. Tanika Hoffman is not only an awesome surfer, she also cuts a fine figure on the board and she can definitely compete with any model. Lucky Miller. This makes the job a lot of fun! The combination of these elements resulted in a wonderful advertising shot that perfectly showcases Billabong and the surfcapsule suit which Tanika Hoffman is wearing. The sun and the beach are conductive to the effect but Sivan Miller’s eye and his finger on the release is what makes this advertisement for Billabong really successful.

Sivan Miller: African Alien

If a photographer who likes extraordinary models with an alien charm and stages futuristic photoshoots and an African designer who creates similarly unusual and exciting fashion, come together, they become a perfect mix of splendor and oddity. We are talking about the designer Gavin Rajah, who was born in Cape Town and who commissioned the talented photographer Sivan Miller for a fashion shoot. The result is a fabulous picture series which shows a seemingly African model with full-bodied hair who presents fantastic dresses. In contrast to the expectations of two creatives who live in Cape Town, the set was transformed into an ice landscape, like a crystal cave. Miller emphasizes the arrangement’s fantastic air by means of fog and wind effects, which definitely make the magic surrounding the dresses and the model more effective. Despite the fairylike ambience, the pictures transport strength due to the model’s exotic looks. The dresses are extravagant and they flatter the model as well as the camera which perfectly captures them from all angles. With those two, the right couple has come together to create this fashion campaign.

Sivan Miller: Adidas

What does a manufacturer of sports equipment do to turn his label into a lifestyle brand? He gets the best lifestyle photographer of the 21st century. Sivan Miller. The self-taught photographer Sivan Miller, who managed to draw attention to his talent already at an early age, became one of the most popular fashion photographers due to his omnipresence on Twitter and the like. His pictures are small enactments which always appear big and strong despite their minimalist style. It is exactly this effect and the resulting exaggeration o the mundane which fascinate the viewer. How else could you explain that a small, angry looking girl in an orange dress wearing white tennis socks and slippers does not look like the block’s most nasty bully but rather like a tough woman who has an extravagant taste?! Being crazy about details and having an eye for the perfect moment, Miller manages to make the models wearing Adidas streetwear look so glamorous that their elegance fascinates you but you still wonder whether they might go and have a beer with you. So he created a contemporary lifestyle series that almost looks like an editorial piece.

Sivan Miller: Captain Future

In his motifs, Sivan Miller seeks the face of the 21st century. His feel for special models, fashion, and locations all combine into cool portraits offering the beholder a new perspective on today's world. In his choice of models, he looks for a certain "alien feeling" - for types that will take us on a trip to the near future. In doing so, Miller often sets standards in the field of lifestyle photography. Silvan Miller, born in 1989 in South Africa, initially studied 3D animation, but quickly turned to photography. He took his first steps as a photographer aged 17, and at 19 he was already working as a professional photographer. Being discovered by the legendary talk-show host Oprah Winfrey propelled his career even further. Today, this young photographer belongs to the emerging masters of lifestyle photography. His sense for faces and his modern staging all make for a laid-back but also very secure visual vocabulary.

Sivan Miller: Good combination - Gooseberry Intimates Campaign

Sivan Miller: Surfing the wave for Billabong

Sivan Miller: Due South Campaign Motif

Sivan Miller: Shoots Season Trends for Glamour