Tillmann Franzen: Tea Time in India for Tea Enterprise

The commissioned works of Tillmann Franzen are pictures that carry his very own thumbprint. He has a special talent for finding just the right moment even in his art. What looks like mere coincidence at first sight is in reality an expression of precision and the vision of a goal.

With his free work “Tea Enterprise, India”, Tillmann Franzen takes us to his source of inspiration and on a journey through the lens of his camera.

We become witness to a perfectly normal work day in a tea manufactory, but with Franzen’s perspective, the scenery seems dreamy.

Each picture radiates with an incredible tranquility and we discover what Franzen discovers, we see what seems important to him and we become aware of the small details.

The warm colors of his pictures and his reduced use of light sources create a certain magic. Tillmann Franzen’s works make you feel connected to the places depicted.