Tillmann Franzen: Cadillac Cars

A Cadillac is a car that has character, its own profile and charm. It is subtle but prominent and always elegant. You might even start philosophizing that it’s a car which finds its matching driver rather than the driver being the one who finds the right car.

The situation is similar with Tillmann Franzen’s pictures: These are pictures the presence of which you can actually feel. They are exactly the type of pictures that speak a certain language. Thus, the cooperation between Tillmann Franzen and General Motors for their Cadillac’s V-Series constitutes a perfect match.

In this picture series, he creates a very effective but sober romanticism that gives his pictures these special Franzen-esthetics. Presenting the Cadillac in various everyday situations means presenting its hidden aspects. The not-so-obvious, unobtrusive splendor that yearns for being discovered.

This turns Franzen’s pictures of the Cadillac CTS-V into a kind of flirt. The way in which he makes an outstanding contribution to the limousine‚Äôs status is just wonderful.