Tillmann Franzen: Car free motorways for Hochtief

Usually someone to keep both his feet firmly on the ground, Tillmann FRANZEN had the pleasure of taking off in a helicopter for the HOCHTIEF construction company. He managed to create a remarkable photography series on a day, when the A40 motorway (in the Ruhrgebiet near Cologne, Germany) was closed to traffic and instead crowded with pedestrians and bicyclist.
While the traffic is virtually non-existent, the people enjoy the day of unaccustomed freedom. His eagle eye also captured the rather unusual geometric forms of the highway itself, the curve patterns, which meander through the landscape like rivers of concrete. Of course, the inevitable onslaught of cars and trucks will soon return to the street and once again turn it into a loud and ugly traffic melting pot. Yet, Franzen’s pictures will always remind us that this place was a place of beauty – even if only for one day.