Tillmann Franzen: Peeking into St. Petersburg's Eremitage

There is barely a more qualified photographer for documentaries than Tillmann Franzen. This series, which he created in the Eremitage in St. Petersburg, proves it yet again.

Franzen goes on a picturesque voyage that feels just as smooth and quiet as an actual visit to the museum. He subtly takes photographs of the people and the objects that fill the museum with life through the lens of an art lover.

Each of the resulting pictures turns the viewer into a fly on the wall of one of the world’s biggest museums. You get an exclusive look at the work behind the art. And you realize the effort that the people who restore, exhibit and guard the great masters’ works put into it.

Franzen makes sure to catch the museum’s employees in a certain angle and a great lighting, which works out perfectly and which gives each picture a warm glow.

A great picture series that really worships the Eremitage and its employees.