Tillmann Franzen: Tita Giese, "The Jungle Queen"

For the past thirty years German landscape architect Tita Giese has been designing gardens for European cities and artists such as Thomas Ruff and Andreas Gursky. She is known as the artist that works with plants. ZEITmagazin commissioned Tillmann Franzen to photograph the artist in her studio space in Dusseldorf for a feature called ‘The Jungle Queen’. Giese’s garden is a playground for the senses; bamboo, yuccas, rhubarb, confetti and mussel shells are dotted around the grounds with the same intricate precision and eccentricity as the notes in an Erik Satie composition.
Franzen shows us what every artist really aspires to deep down: to create a universe out of nothing but their imagination. Giese has the rare privilege of actually living inside her art. Never has anyone seemed more at home.