Tillmann Franzen: Tractor series for Architectural Digest

The last few days have been ripe with change: the cold wind has since blown past, the days are slowly becoming longer again and somehow, the days of summer hover in the air like the promise of an expected arrival. To farmers, this means the advent of harvest time. Tillmann FRANZEN’s most recent work for ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST magazine captures the emotion and essence of these golden harvest days, by portraying a collection of classic and old tractors.
The photographer made sure to photograph the carefully restored machines within their natural surroundings – out on the fields instead of some random and characterless showrooms. When one takes a look at the pictures, the anthropomorphic pride of the tractors seems almost tangible, as they are resting on the fields after a long day of hard work. The motors are still thumping, while they slowly cool down in the tender embrace of the shade and still relish in what they achieved that day, long after the farmer himself has gone to bed.