For Joel Miller, light is more than a photographic tool. In his pictures, it becomes a photographic subject in its own right, lending human figures, landscapes, or even cars an almost unearthly lightness. Everything takes off and starts to shimmer a little, almost like in one of those dreams where you can fly. His wonderful exaggerations of reality go far beyond the cheerful monotony of much of contemporary photography. Genuine lightness is, after all, hard to come by

Kärcher: Under pressure
ENBW Connected Living
On tour with Suzuki for Playboy
Smart - The Woodcutter
The Lake House
VW Touareg
BMW F45 Interior
Landrover Discovery
BW Bank
Sierra Mist
Mercedes Anticipation
Porsche Turbo
Croatian Beaches
Die Zeit - Portraits
Swiss Alps
My Friendsters
Suite Life
Japan / Korea

Smart - The Woodcutter

Joel Micah Miller: New campaign images for Kaercher FC3 & WV6

Joel Micah Miller: ENBW Connected Living

Photographer and director Joel Micah Miller created a connected living photo & film campaign for energy supplier EnBW. Enjoy the images!2:

Joel Micah Miller: On tour with Suzuki for Playboy

Joel Micah Miller: Under Pressure for Kärcher

We are proud to show the results of Joel Micah Miller´s campaign for Kärcher, constisting of film and photography. Let´s get started!2: 3: 4:

Joel Micah Miller: BMW 1502 for Playboy Magazine

Joel Micah Miller: BMW X4 for Intersection Magazine

Joel Micah Miller: Mud porn for Kärcher

Joel Micah Miller: Smart - The Woodcutter

With this new series and motion clip for Smart, Joel Micah Miller proofs that he's able to catch the very essence of the product. This time we follow the Smart to a idyllic location in the woods. This shows that the Smart is capable of much more than the normal city cruising. It brings our woodcutter safely to his destination. And this with a lot of driving pleasure. So if you want to cut some wood… take your Smart and drive into the wildness. We promise you, you’ll love it.2:

Joel Micah Miller: The Lake House

Joel Micah Miller: Shoots everyday hereos for Hekatron

It almost seems like the company Hekatron can’t help but to play it safe: For their self-staging, Hekatron, the partner for fire prevention solutions, got no other than Joel Micah Miller on board. He is the photographer for corporate images. Miller did a great job for Hekatron. He knows perfectly well how to stage people and objects. In various different pictures, he depicts people in situations that have something to do with fire prevention and with people who depend on it. In Miller’s typical aesthetic, all pictures appear open, friendly and they create trust. They are perfectly planned down to the last detail and have been wonderfully reworked during post-production.

Joel Micah Miller: Playing it safe for AOK Campaign

We could make a joke about the fact that insurances always play it safe but that wouldn’t do justice to Joel Micah Miller’s talent. It is undeniable that Miller is an extremely gifted advertising photographer. So the AOK insurance company chose exactly the right shooter for their new campaign “Life Balance”. Miller focuses on people on their commute to and from work and contrasts them with slogans about work-life-balance which reflect their needs. For example, there is a well-dressed manager in a gray suit who is perfectly aware of the fact that his employees’ performance suffers if they aren’t healthy. Another ad portrays an attractive young professional woman who needs to take a break from time to time before picking things back up, refreshed and in charge. Lastly, we see an equally attractive young man who needs to recharge his batteries in order to be productive again. All in all, it’s a great package of portraits set in a lively surrounding. They are expertly staged and Miller’s use of contrasts between acuity and blurring emphasizes the impression that everyone matters and is appreciated. Of course, it’s a high-end picture series that is well-edited visually. It’s a successful campaign for AOK and it was a great idea to assign it to Miller.

Joel Micah Miller: Hot Waves

Sand as far as the eye can see, one car and lots of fun. This sounds like a kindergartener’s fantasy but in truth it’s the preconditions for the sensational shoot of the new Landrover. Joel Micah Miller, who was accorded this honor, is a man of beauty and again and again also a man of playfulness. Thus, it is not surprising that he got two professionals for his spectacular stunts in the South African desert, a tough snowboarder and a dynamic race driver. Miller himself describes this day on his homepage as follows: “They had fun. We got sandy. Everybody’s happy!” What more could one want? And so he created a picture series which shows crazy pictures of the snowboarder in the dunes and the driver in the car, next to the obligatory romance- and off road shots. This is obviously a comparison between the sportsman’s skills and the car’s performance and sportiness. With this concept Miller definitely scored a hit for depicting the new Landrover’s power and its flawlessness in any terrain and situation.

David Maurer & Joel Micah Miller: Twoface

The new project of David Maurer and Joel Micah Miller might be inspired by a Batman movie. For the cleaning company Kärcher, they have come up with a witty concept that seems to be reminiscent of the supervillain Twoface. Their goal was to prove the efficiency of Kärcher’s new cleaning machine in mobile application, which can remove even the most resistant soil. Both photographers chose to combine their before and after pictures in a kind of mirror image. David Maurer’s motif is a Mercedes. On one side of his picture the car is shown in front of a construction site and it is extremely dirty, while the other side of the picture shows the same car standing in front of the finished building, shining in new splendor. It is especially funny to watch him clean the rest of the car with Kärcher’s machine in his second picture. Joel Micah Miller also chose to portray a car, a BMW, depicted in a birds-eye perspective in a simulated car workshop. Here, he also contrasts the before and after pictures in a mirror image, which reconstructs the work progress and shows how clean the workplace can get with Kärcher’s machine. Both projects are brilliantly realized and the result is an exceptional poster child for Kärcher.

Joel Micah Miller: Lives it up for Bosch

Joel Micah Miller doesn’t even need real objects to create great pictures. He has proven this yet again with the pictures he created for Bosch. For this series, he skillfully combined virtual scooters and motorcycles with his photographed backgrounds and staged them brilliantly. Due to his unusual way of working with light, which almost seems to become an object itself in these pictures, even ordinary objects become dreamlike. In this series, he managed to stage these scooters and motorcycles with a lightness that just makes you want to float through the city on the jazzy scooter or drive towards sunset on the sporty motorcycle yourself.

Joel Micah Miller: Seoulitude - Finding personal space in a Megacity

Where can you go when you need a calm spot in the world’s second-largest metropolis? This is a difficult question which Seoul’s inhabitants try to answer every day. It’s not a cakewalk to find time and space for yourself among 26 million neighbours in a city with twice the population density of New York and eight times as many inhabitants as Rome. Joel Micah Miller still managed to give us a very intimate and respectful insight into the free space of Seoul’s residents. Like a hunter on a deerstand, he catches these dreamy scenes from a distance. Scenes that show the metropolis’ residents just breaking away from the trouble and leaving their cares behind. His pictures transport this tranquillity and serenity to the viewer. That’s why they are so relaxing to look at.

Joel Micah Miller: Sierra Mist Campaign for Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

It's always exciting when one brand tries to prevail against another and when a creative team like that of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners takes on the challenge against a competitor. What creative heads were part of the match Coca Cola vs. Pepsi is probably going to stay a secret. One of them, however, is Joel Micah Miller who had the privilege of staging Pepsi’s "Sierra Mist", a beverage that is a natural and tasty alternative to Sprite. For his visual realisation, Miller did not only pick marvellous landscapes but he also kept his photos witty: If you look close, you can see animals and the like hidden in the pictures. Some of them can be seen in the shapes of clouds or hiding behind rocks, or they are just shaped by nature. All in all, Miller skilfully effectuated this clever idea and he created a great poster child for Pepsi.

Joel Micah Miller: Monumental - Showing well known sights in a surprising new way

Joel Micah Miller's "Monumental" shows classic sights and places of the world which we have already seen several times and of which we hadn't thought they could still surprise us. Or, to put it another way: We wonder how, in the time of the internet’s picture floods, they can still be shown from an angle from which they haven’t already been captured by a smart phone!? Miller uses a trick here. His photos do not only depend on the monuments they depict, but also on the people who gather there, marvel at them, walk past them, or just linger there. Or so we should think! With a second look, we realize that these pictures show an everyday phenomenon which we know only too well: People and their multimedia distractions form a symbiosis. We don’t see the 21st century people marvel at the timeless legacies of past generations but we see people becoming tiny monuments themselves in these pictures. Generation Selfie is cancelling out art and also itself and Miller manages to point this out without being judgemental. In a way, Miller even manages to show what he already hints at in the title. "Monumental" shows tiny monuments and each photo provides monumental food for thought.

Joel Micah Miller: Mercedes Benz Anticipation Campaign

With "Anticipation", Joel Micah Miller provides a strong series of pictures, or rather a photo campaign, for Mercedes. You see a middle-aged man who smiles like a little boy having his first piece of chocolate while imitating the pose of someone driving a car. This pose and the comfy feeling that comes with – as is later revealed – driving a Mercedes is transported across the whole series and integrated into everyday situations. This way, the pictures sure gain wit but some of them also come across as rather absurd. Would you like an example? Just between you and me, because even I as a man think there's something strange about this: In the pictures, the skilfully staged man is accompanied by a similarly smiling lady who doesn’t seem to mind that her partner is dreaming of the Mercedes in bed, while having a romantic dinner, at the opera, etc. We can only congratulate him because when he finally gets his much-anticipated test drive in the Mercedes, the viewer realizes that this guy really belongs behind the wheel of a Mercedes.

Joel Micah Miller: Master of Light

For Joel Miller, light is more than a photographic tool. In his pictures, it becomes a photographic subject in its own right, lending human figures, landscapes, or even cars an almost unearthly lightness. Everything takes off and starts to shimmer a little, almost like in one of those dreams where you can fly. His wonderful exaggerations of reality go far beyond the cheerful monotony of much of contemporary photography. Genuine lightness is, after all, hard to come by.