‘A good photographer is more a visual prophet than maker of visual imagery – Knotan is such a prophet’
Stefan Scheer, CD Scheer Werbeagentur, Düsseldorf

Swedish photographer Knotan is known for his wild, sexually charged, yet humorous photographs whose eye-catching nature have made him one of the most popular Scandinavian fashion photographers. Born in 1973, Knotan grew up in a small industrial town and originally trained as a welder, but in his early twenties he decided to move to Stockholm and study photography. Nowadays Knotan is best known for his seductive photographs, however he started off his career shooting portraits of music bands such as The Kills, The Hives, The Strokes and Frida Hyvönen.

His work is not concerned with the Photoshopped sheen of many of today’s advertising campaigns, as he prefers to get up close and personal with his subjects. By allowing his subjects to be playful and provocative, he captures moments of spontaneity which reflect the vulnerability but also the confidence of this generation. This unique ability is much sought-after in the advertising world, and Knotan has shot campaigns for big names in the industry.

Adidas, Levi’s, Sony BMG, MTV.

Hailed as ‘The New King of Snapshot’ by Let Them Eat Cake magazine, he has been commissioned by Pap, Bon International, Nöjesguiden and People Magazine.

all over the place
Schauspielhaus Bochum
Sandqvist Lookbook AW16
Another Shirt Please
Sandqvist Lookbook AW15
Sandqvist Journal IV
Street Files Zürich
Med Dames AW14
Kasino A4 - Pubic Hair
Sandqvist Campaign II
Torbjörn Zetterberg
Provo Opas
Sandqvist Journal III
Mes Dames
Felix Da Housecat
Sandqvist Still Life
Sandqvist Journal II
Little Children
Gymclass Magazine
Magnificent Magazine
Rosebud Magazine
Flippa K
form us with love
Sandqvist Campaign I
Gym Class Magazine
Birgit Bidder
Sandqvist Lookbook I
Renaissance Man
Ben Gorham
Digital Temple Magazine
Kitten Magazine
Kasino A4
Let them eat cake

Ane Brun - Do you remember Teaser

Ane Brun - Tour Teaser

Knotan: All over the place for Flattered Shoes

Knotan: Way far with Another Escape Magazine

Knotan: Ensemble Portraits for Schauspielhaus Bochum

Knotan: Sandqvist Lookbook

Knotan: Facets of David Lagercrantz for Stern Magazine

Knotan: A late night rendezvous with Sandqvist´s bags and items

Knotan: Stranded! Sandqvist's new campaign

The fact that Sandqvist hired Knotan again for their summer collection 2016 proves that he is perfectly right with his unconventional way of viewing the world. This time, his models aren’t placed in the forest or the mountains, blinded by a car’s headlights or chased by an armed hunter, this time they find themselves on a ship graveyard. Simply Knotan. It is great to see that Knotan still loves uncommon poses and that he sometimes still puts the model aside in order to stage the perfect product picture. His pictures pour on this particular Knotan charm and hover somewhere between private shots and fashion shootings, artistic photographs and commissioned work. Between those poles…he performs a real balancing act.

Knotan: Mes Dames Lookbook

What happened here? The Swedish fashion label Mes Dames commissioned Knotan for their new Lookbook and the result is a very different and much more moderate aspect of his work. Impressive! Usually Knotan equals anarchy. Models are paired with the most curious scenes and his artistic genius. This time it’s different. The Lookbook he created for Mes Dames is plain but expressive, reduced but effective. All we see is a model wearing pieces from the latest collection of Mes Dames. Knotan manages to tease an effective mix of elegance and grace out of her which perfectly matches his style and the label. The chemistry of interaction between Knotan and the person, or persons, he takes photographs of seems to be just right. This extraordinary atmosphere can be seen again and again in his pictures. The wild Knotan is great but the reduced one also knows how to expertly handle a camera.

Knotan: Sandqvist AW 2015

If you know the swedish fashion label sandqvist, you know the label stands for high-quality outdoor fashion and accessories. Always a straight line. Reduced but high-quality fabrics. But all of a sudden, the fall/winter collection calls patterns into play. It’s getting lively during a rather quiet season. And as if that wasn’t innovative enough, they break fairy tale rule no. 1 and send Knotan into the woods with a couple. If you know Kotan’s works, you know what’s coming now. “Fear and Loathing in Sweden”, or romanticism à la Jack Wolfskin meets “Knotan in Wonderland”. The result is, of course a wonderful picture series because despite all the absurdity, Knotan is still an artist. So the models don’t get around being photographed with deer heads on their heads or being chased onto a raised hide. At times, he literally leaves them out in the woods, at times he photographs them in the spotlight in front of creepy barns. If you think this is all a coincidence, you’re wrong. So Knotan dared to explore unknown territory for sandqvist and together they created a campaign that makes you want to go out and experience nature. While wearing sandqvist, of course.

Knotan: Hot-and-Cold Sausages

The agency sends you various folders filled with pictures by different photographers for you to write about them. What do you do then? You check the list, select a name, find Knotan and you get motivated. You check the folders, look at the pictures for the first time and you begin wondering: What did he do there? A smirk forms on your face. You just came across a couple of guys who look like they were on their way to the New Year’s Parade but they seem to have left out a pretty essential detail: their clothes! ...Except for their coats and underpants. Now starts the hunt for information about the artist on the internet. By now, you are pretty exhilarated and even more motivated. Google> Knotan> you strike a bonanza: www.knotan.com. It says “New Site coming soon.” You’re not discouraged by that. Your motivation is at its peak. You click on the writing. Voilà! Pictures, pictures, pictures. But information about the artist – no chance! That doesn’t matter in the least though because you soon realise that a brilliant photographer released the shutter here. It doesn’t even matter what picture series you select. You see splendid shots of people and they contain a fun factor that is rarely found in this form and abundance. The picture series of half-naked men fits smoothly into the line of his other series: that of thrashing teenagers on a private party, that of lascivious women choosing the right kind of ice cream and that of men in lingerie discovering their feminine side. A feast for the senses! The viewer quickly realises that these pictures are about art and its spontaneous staging. That’s what Knotan’s photos depend on and this is great. In the end, you’ll know what he did there and what to do: Be happy to write about it!

Knotan: S.OLIVER Spring/Summer campaign

Knotan was recently invited by S. OLIVER to shoot the Spring/Summer collection. The Swedish photographer was the ideal choice to kick off the season with a fresh new collection and roll out their new campaign. Usually known for his otherwise raw and provocative subject matter, it's his ability to inject a sense of fun and spontaneity into his work that particularly appealed to the well-established German fashion brand. From smart summery ensembles to T-Shirts with attitude, S. OLIVER’S colourful new range is brought to life with Knotan's inherent ability to tickle some fresh fun and attitude out of his subjects. Finally, we can all whip out our sunglasses, because thanks to Knotan, spring really is in the air!

Knotan: Jewellery design by Stina Engström

For his latest project Knotan turns his lens away from beautiful girls and onto the more conventional glitter of jewellery. Scandinavian designer Stina Engström is a big fan of Knotan’s provocative style and couldn’t think of a more fitting photographer to shoot her latest collection ‘Black is the light’. Made entirely from black materials, Engström's collection is a tribute to the darkness, and the creativity that can seep out of it. Knotan shot the series in a blacked-out studio with only one light source. Necklaces dangle in mid air as black shards reflect light back to our eyes, like the glistening waves of a silver moon-lit lake. Smoke curls seductively around the necklace as if exhaled by Marlene Dietrich. Knotan has just made Plexiglas sexy.

Knotan: Selfportraits for Let them eat Cake Magazine

Despite his racy portfolio, Knotan himself is a surprisingly down-to-earth guy who likes to spend his free time down by the river with a fishing rod and a book. So for this “Let Them Eat Cake”-publication, Knotan decided to challenge himself and place himself at the mercy of his own camera, like the many models who have bared all for him in the past. In the series, Knotan brings out the different parts of his personality: from serious to silly, naughty to shy, he embodies each side with fearlessness, humor and bravery. Who knew he was his own best model? Well, it’s always the quiet ones…

Knotan: Digital Temple Magazine " Get primitive"

At first, Knotan's latest editorial for Digital Temple Magazine seems like another of the "beautiful people being cool" photo style on which he has made his name. But, as always with Knotan, there is something more personal and more nuanced at work. He is a master of slipping depth into his eye-candy, of drawing out doubt in confidence. There's always an undercurrent of something else going on. Here, his model is making eyes at the camera, sultry and seductive. But there's something a little 'off': her come-on a little too direct, her screams a little too manic, the vivid colours in the background suggesting there's wild turmoil going on beneath the surface. It's a routine that seems to come more out of boredom than desire. As though there's nothing better to do than "get primitive", as her t-shirt urges.

Knotan: Dark Lolita spread in PAP magazine

Everyone knows the standard image of Lolita – the sunbathing lollipop-sucking teenage seductress with love heart sunglasses. But in PAP magazine, KNOTAN shows us a darker take on Nabokov’s classic. This is Lolita at the end of the book, when things have turned sour, and a life on the run has taken its toll. A feeling of seediness and lost innocence runs through every image: most obviously in the accusing eyes of his dark-haired model, but also in the little plastic Elvis which dangles in the rain-spattered car window. This is the end of the road.

Knotan - The Nude

From time to time Seltmann & Söhne release a themed book showcasing the best photographers in a particular subject matter. When the theme of nudity was proposed, it came as no surprise that Knotan would be one of the photographers asked to take part. His contribution, a self-portrait in which he wears nothing but a stiff buttoned-up shirt and a serious expression, shows the ironic twist of his own approach to nudity. To celebrate the release of the book, we’ve issued an accompanying postcard of Knotan’s portrait with its own removable sticker which may then be placed anywhere on the original portrait of his body. The campaign has been met with great success, many people have posted humorous photographs of their own interpretations on Facebook. So if there’s a danger your delicate sensibilities have been offended by the works on pages 86/87 of Nudealbum 01, now’s your chance to take revenge and be creative with our humble little censor bar.

Knotan: Interview in ART magazine

The ART MAGAZIN published an artist portrait about Knotan. His nude photographs constitute the core part of the publication, all of which are distinguished by a very unique visual language. He tends to oscillate between nude and pornography, yet still manages to never drift off one way or another. The result is a sensual style of photography, which ensures the models always look their best.

Knotan for art Magazin

Knotan was recently featured in the weekly column about nude photography of art Magazin. ??What attracts you to the subject nudity??? I’m not just about nudity. For me the expression of the person and the reality of the photo is just as important. ??How far would you go? Are there any taboos??? I don't think that I have any taboos, as long as the photo serves a purpose. ??When is nudity a work of art??? Ask the viewer! When would you describe yourself as an artist? ??Are there any inspiring role models??? Larry Clark, Jouko Lehtola, Lars Tunbjörk, Malin Skjold and many others. ??What other themes are you also concerned with??? Feelings and forms of expression are most important to me. ??What project would you like to realise one day??? There is currently no specific project planned. But I would definitely like to have more exhibitions.