Lutz Hilgers has shot for many high profile brands, such as Lavazza, Villeroy & Boch, Nokia and Sony to name a few. From fashion and lifestyle to architecture and interiors, his expertise is very wide ranging, making him one of those much sought after all-rounders who is equally great with people places and spaces alike.
His work was shown in exhibitions in London, Berlin and Duesseldorf.
He is recently based in Düsseldorf.

Today his clients are renowned advertising agencies, designers (fashion, interior, architecture) and editors.

Aachen Muenchner Versicherungen, AOL, Apobank, Apple, Aral, Bamberger, Bauknecht, Bayer, Beiersdorff, Bepanthen, BP, Braun, Canon, Clubmaster, CMA, Deutsche Post, Diebels, DKV, Dresdner Bank, Eduscho, Eizo, Ergo Versicherungen, E-Plus, Epson, Gatorade, Gatzweiler, Gilette, Grohe, Hansgrohe, Hoesch, Krups, L-Bank, Gunther Lambert, Lavazza, LBS, Leerdamer, LTU, Maggi, Malteserkreuz Akquavit, Mars, Mazda, Microsoft, Natreen, Nestea, Nissan, Nord/LB, Osram, Pelikan, Persil, Peugeot, Pfandbriefe, Pfanni, Poggenpohl, Postbank, Provinzial, Ratiopharm, RTL, SAP, Sat 1, Sauza Tequila, Schloesser Alt, Sensodyne, Seramis, Sheba, Siemens, Signal Versicherung, Sony, Stadtsparkasse, Telenorma, Terzolin, Tetra, Toyota, Uncle Ben’s, Van Afferden, Veba, Villeroy & Boch, Whiskas, Deutsche Oper, Financial Times London, Hochtief, Kyocera, Nokia, Smart, T-Com, Uddeholm, Viega etc.

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Nowadays Lookbook Summer

Nowadays Lookbook

Villeroy & Boch - Genisis


Lutz Hilgers: NOWADAYS Autumn

Lutz Hilgers: Finding perfection for Zwilling

Lutz Hilgers: Men kitchen for BEEF Magazine

Lutz Hilgers: Portrait of Hannes Ametsreiter for Focus

Lutz Hilgers: Fresh images for NOWADAYS

For this season´s lookbook and film, Lutz Hilgers created contrasting images of movement and rest, black and white, day and night. Let´s make dreams possible!2:

Lutz Hilgers: Life and style for Heritage Post

Lutz Hilgers: Imagevideo "Nowhere" for Nowadays

Lutz Hilgers: Campaign for Asklepios Clinics

Lutz Hilgers: Marble and stone for NOWADAYS fashion

Elegance, style and zeitgeist are the key elements of this new lookbook from Nowdays fashion. All elements Lutz Hilgers is familiar with. So it's not surprising Nowadays chose him to shoot their Autumn Winter 2017 lookbook, Marmor, stone and a super trendy model are showing what the modern and minimalist fashionista loves. You are looking for new? Just stop looking and check out the collection.2:

Lutz Hilgers: Colourful waves for Genesis by Affinity

Villeroy & Boch are walking futuristic paths with their décor line GENESIS BY AFFINITY. Along the lines of: “Colour is the new white”, they appeal to innovative gastronomy and cuisine. Here, new creations meet exceptional design. Thus, with the choice of Lutz Hilgers as their photographer and video artist, the realization is also exceptional and skillfully made. Hilgers is known for powerful, expressive shots. Whether it’s portraits, interior design, or the like, he catches more than just the moment with his lens. Similarly, the brief spot he created for the Genesis Line is a powerful, colourful spectacle where many-coloured waves crash against Villeroy & Boch’s innocent tableware and leave their traces. Just like the new design of Villeroy & Boch promises. Hilgers masterfully takes up the desire for new ideas not only by perfectly visualizing the designs’ concepts but also by contrasting them with conceptual ideas of creative chefs. All in all, this short film conveys pleasure and creates a desire for colour. Whether it’s the porcelain’s design or the innovative dishes, Lutz Hilgers did more than just rise to the challenge.1:

Lutz Hilgers: With Passion - Visiting Piet Hein Eek

If there’s anything you don’t like you can either ignore it, destroy it, or change it. In the 90’s, Piet Hein Eek chose to do the latter and broke with the norms of designing furniture when he was only 23 years old. Bored by the flawlessness around him, he actually found his medium in waste wood and first created a cabinet that didn’t really fit into the concepts of smooth surfaces, clear structures and perfectionism. It was his answer and the birth of furniture that looks like do-it-yourself objects but that bear his distinct and unimitable hallmark. Lutz Hilgers highly appreciates Piet Hein Eek’s handicraft and took pictures of some of the pieces for the recycling lover. The resulting pictures portray Eek’s furniture in a way that perfectly captures how beautifully and elegantly the rough and authentic materials merge into objects. Hilgers does not only portray the furniture at the end of this creative process but also gives an insight into the process itself. Thereby, he does not only present one overall image, but the contrast also portrays the objects in their unique significance. The perspectives that Hilgers chose for his subjects are especially interesting because they help to portray how these unique pieces blend in with their surroundings. These wild and unique items are made with love and can upgrade whole rooms in an astounding way. With this picture series, one esthete honors the work of another.

Lutz Hilgers: Lost in London

Gentle music guides the observer through urban scenes. Faces tell us stories, the view through the lens invites our imagination on a journey. Time and again, the impressions, the people and the things in front of the camera change. Simultaneosly, the sequence conveys a powerful consistant sense of ease. All this is floating on a wave of piano sounds that carry us away like a feather. With the impression "Comfort in a bottle" Lutz Hilgers draws an image of a driven, restless London. However, the aesthetic in Lutz' work never pulls the viewer out of his observational perspective. He focuses on reflections, colors and shadows, and in doing so he helps us recognize the gentle glow surrounding us. From the shadows leaping into our eyes, laying on the streets, the walls and in every nook and cranny, right up to the people we see in a different light when they are reflected in windows, their silhouettes refracted in the panes. Lutz Hilgers creates a magical feeling that flows like a tide of elements from one frame to the next. We almost get the impression, like a hidden message in a bottle, of floating though these misty-eyed settings ourselves, and inevitably feel like we're going on the trip of a lifetime. With "Comfort in a bottle", Lutz Hilgers creates a splendid impression of London. 1:

Lutz Hilgers: Jet-setting with Villeroy & Boch's Affinity hotel dinner wear

Considering we’re talking about Villeroy & Boch, here’s something a little different. Instead of your usual stylised dinnerware still life in an appropriately decorated setting, this smart new print campaign shot by Lutz Hilgers makes for a clever, tongue in cheek alternative to the otherwise predictable world of crockery. V&B are convinced that their newly designed hospitality range will have such an “Affinity” with the jet-setting hotel hopping crowd, that it will be just that little bit TOO tempting for them not to resist… Leave the doggy bag behind, let’s just have the serving plate in stead!

Lutz Hilgers: Reflections

Lutz Hilgers has shot for many high profile brands, such as Lavazza, Villeroy & Boch, Nokia and Sony to name a few. From fashion and lifestyle to architecture and interiors, his expertise is very wide ranging, making him one of those much sought after all-rounders who is equally great with people places and spaces alike. Recently he has been capturing his everyday observations in cities such as London and Paris, whilst on the go. The use of reflections often involves richly saturated colours that Lutz brings to our attention. This all becomes a part of his language with which he layers surfaces and space, thus helping us create a portal into deeper dimensions within our mind’s eye and making us contemplate the seemingly mundane from a very private place. Lutz thereby invites us to go on an inner journey of our own as we dive into his photographic wanderings.

Lutz Hilgers: Van Afferden's Menswear Collection

Having previously teamed up to shoot an interior design feature for ELLE Magazine, Lutz Hilgers and Uwe van Afferden have joined forces again. This time it's for a feature on Van Afferden's menswear collection which will be published in his newly launched men's culture magazine "THE HERITAGE POST". His magazine and menswear collection are refreshingly old-fashioned and would appeal to any gentleman who has a fondness for the tailored look, especially of the dandyish variety. Van Afferden's collection celebrates individualism, old age and the finer things in life, as reflected in Lutz’s shots. The whole series oozes charm and sophistication, Lutz candidly photographs real characters, the kind of renaissance men that appreciate a good glass of Scotch and can quote Nietzsche at the drop of a tweed hat.

Lutz Hilgers: Harbour stop-off for Villeroy & Boch in Oslo

A few months ago we were given our first glimpse of Lutz Hilger's Villeroy & Boch photo series of Oslo’s Michelin star chef Terje Ness, and here is the final selection. Shot in Terjes highly esteemed restaurant Onda Mezzanine, the series takes us behind the scenes as he effortlessly whips up culinary masterpieces in the kitchen, which are then served in the immaculate Villeroy & Boch dining room. Each shot is clean, modern and perfect, the very ethos of fine dining.

Lutz Hilgers: "The Heritage Post" still life portraits

What does one have to do to get one’s photo taken by Lutz HILGERS for THE HERITAGE POST magazine? In Merlin Braun’s case it was his passion for circuits. Merlin has invented the first paper synthesiser by printing silver graphics and lines made of electricity conductive inks onto simple paper. Touch and the bodily resistance this creates produce sounds and notes. The music is idiosyncratic and sounds like a mixture of Tangerine Dream and windscreen wipers. Peter on the other hand collects vintage Levis Jeans amongst other things in the same vein as others hoard bottles of Bordeaux. He has also made the old cotton vest fashionable again. Moreover Peter happens to have revived the Merz B. Schwanen heritage brand. And we also have Frank Leder. His thing is fashion. Everything non-mainstream. He sees his work as a sociocultural study of Germany, which he translates creatively into wearable items of clothing. This concept has been met with particularly great acclaim in Japan, where his capsule collections are stocked in the country’s finest boutiques. Check out the new issue of ‘The Heritage Post’ to find out more about Merlin, Peter and Frank Leder. You can also read up on more men who are living out their own style, all photographed by Lutz of course.

Lutz Hilgers: Thomas Struth portraits for the Financial Times London

Lutz Hilgers was chosen to snap some pictures of renowned photographer and fellow Düsseldorf resident Thomas Struth for the Financial Times. The portraits show the artist utterly at home in his office, a space which blurs the lines between work and home. A bed is discreetly set up in the corner; we see Struth accompanied by his pet dog and surrounded by books and records as well as archives and set models. Lutz shows us that play is obviously an essential part of work for Struth, an ethos you can’t help feeling a little envious of.

Lutz Hilgers: Elle Decoration Feature

Recently, Lutz HILGERS and interior designer Uwe van Afferden joined forces for an ELLE DECORATION feature, which was photographed in a 1950s town house in Düsseldorf.

Lutz Hilgers: Delicious Food Stills for Villeroy & Boch

Lutz Hilgers carried out a new shoot for Villeroy & Boch, proving once again that his talent doesn't just lie in simpel stillife photography but also in photographing food. His photography looks so delicious we wish that we could actually eat it. Dish up Lutz and we'll gladly come for dinner!

Lutz Hilgers Stills for Villeroy & Boch

Lutz HILGERS has completed another production for VILLEROY & BOCH, consisting of stills of their latest designs. Lutz has a rare talent for adding elements to a photograph without sacrificing its minimalist appearance. Every little detail in this shoot does not detract from, but rather accentuates the minimalist design of the dinnerware. Lutz shows us how sometimes 'less' is not always 'more'.

Lutz Hilgers for Osram

Lutz HILGERS created interior motifs for OSRAM-LED. The pictures show how LED lights can conjure any style of light mood - from a cosy light mood in the bedroom to a sober and functional one in the kitchen. The rooms were built in the studio.

Lutz Hilgers for Villeroy & Boch

Lutz HILGERS photographed laid tables with contemporary decoration for VILLEROY & BOCH. The shoots took place in Brussels, Berlin and Hamburg.