Oliver Mark: The look behind the curtain

People like Mark Oliver ensure that we do not drown in boredom. For this, he rushes with his camera through our often conformist life and finds pleasure, beauty and sometimes obscenity and turns them into pictures that take our breath away.
Looking away does not work, even if you make an effort. You have to be grateful to him for this insight into a world that from its superficial appearance often comes along so boring and tidy. Tidiness is next to godliness, but just only next to.

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Loving EU
Christiane Paul for ICONIST
Christian Berkel
Bucowina life
some portraits
Richard Lutz for DIE ZEIT
portraits for STERN
two artists
Kevin Traugott
artists & nudes
TUSH Magazine
Spiegel Campaign
Berlin is for Lovers
In Szene gesetzt
The Spy that I Love
Zwischen Himmel und Erde
Power & Money
AD - Christoph Tophinke
Mary Bauermeister
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Ich bin ein Berliner
Frauen im Gras
Nobility Portraits

Making of - Frauen im Gras

Heimat verpflichtet

Published by Brandenburgischen Landeszentrale für politische Bildung
photos by Oliver Mark, text by Martina Schellhorn
german, 2012, 208 pages, ISBN 3-9325-02-60-4

Natura Morta

in cooperation with Naturhistorisches Museum Wien published by Rainer Vollkommer and Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg
multilingual, 2016, 136 pages , ISBN 978-3868287592


published by Hatje Cantz Verlag
German, Englisch 2009
192 pages, ISBN 978-3-7757-2484-5
Unfortunately the book is sold out.
You might be able to find it in resales.

Oliver - Nutte, Künstler, Fotograf

Die ganze Wahrheit über Oliver Mark published by Oliver Mark, concept by Ralf Grauel, Anja Steinig
magazine, german, 2014, approx. 39 pages , ISBN 109-6-33456-34-8
You can order it HERE

Aus den Trümmern kriecht das Leben

published by b.frank books
20 photos by O. Mark and 7 facsimile poems by K. O. Götz
First Edition 2013, German, Softcover 52 pages, ISBN 978-3-906217-00-0
You can order it HERE

Außenseiter und Eingeweihter

published by Hatje Cantz Verlag
Instant Statements, German, Englisch 2013
approx. 32 pages, ISBN 978-3-7757-3756
You can order it HERE

Oliver Mark: Christiane Paul for ICONIST

Oliver Mark: Publication "no show" - Out now!

Oliver Mark is a master portraitist. His photographs of human beings tell stories of the seemingly familiar as seen from unwonted angles; through superimposition, doubling, fragmentation, partitioning, they often reveal more than either the subjects or the photographer meant to disclose. There is a long list of illustrious people who have sat for his camera including actors and actresses; directors; musicians; philosophers; politicians; designers; aristocrats; and, again and again, visual artists. To browse no show is to flip through a who’s who of the global art world. Enjoy!

Oliver Mark: Europe for Europe

Oliver Mark: Richard Lutz for DIE ZEIT

Oliver Mark: Capturing Christian Berkel

Oliver Mark: Rita Ora for Zeit Magazin

Oliver Mark: two artists

Oliver Mark: Rising stars and big city myths

Oliver Mark: Portraits of Kevin Traugott

Oliver Mark: Great portraits for Kunsthalle Hamburg

Oliver Mark: Floating coats for TUSH Magazine

Oliver Mark: Amour fou

As one of five photographers, Oliver Mark caught his personal and intimate version of Berlin with an instant camera for the exhibition “Berlin is for Lovers”. His choice of topics ranges from Hollywood stars to models and separate intimate body parts. Mark just released the shutter whenever he felt like it. As a consequence it is not only the pictures that portray intimate motifs but the moment when the shot is taken is also a very intimate one. The pictures are mysterious and, besides showing a loving Berlin, they reveal recurrent structures that remind the viewer of snow crystals. At times, they are mere footnotes and at times, they cover up whole areas of the motif. The question that remains is whether these structures are a result of the process of taking the pictures or whether there is an actual intention behind these occurrences. Anyway, Oliver Mark’s picture series portrays a slightly profligate, but at the same time a very tempting Berlin and it gives us moments we had not seen if it wasn’t for this series.

Oliver Mark: Takes personal portraits of Elīna Garanča

Oliver Mark, the guy whom everybody trusts, has everything a good portrait photographer needs and more. First and foremost, he had enough (and well-deserved) luck to be hired to photograph the internationally acclaimed mezzo-soprano singer Elīna Garanča for the Gluck Opera Festival 2016. Considering the fact that she only gets her pictures taken every two years, Mark dealt with a real rarity here. Any possible diva-like attitude aside, the timbre between the two was just right from the beginning and we see a very relaxed and photogenic soprano singer. People just easily open up to Oliver Mark’s much-extolled aura, which proves advantageous to his job. What also plays into Mark’s hands is the fact that he was allowed to take the pictures in the Old National Gallery in Berlin, which he can definitely register as a win and a fantastic setting. Oliver Mark managed to sweeten the pill of having to wait another two years until we see something of Elīna Garanča again.

Oliver Mark: Boris Becker

People trust Oliver Mark – and by people I do not only mean his clients. Apparently everyone feels like they can just be themselves around Oliver Mark, which is what makes him one of the best people-photographers in the world. The man from Berlin simply traveled to Wimbledon in order to meet Boris Becker for the new magazine Zeit Golfen. Of course Becker, who discovered a passion for golfing after his active tennis career, is a highly coveted motif since he is a man of the public and a real society-guy. The resulting pictures are not surprising but all the more amusing. Each picture shows an obviously relaxed and cheerful Becker, either while teeing off or while striking his winning pose. In every picture you can see his slightly roguish, boyish charm. The result is a very well-made cover and several other great pictures. Oliver Mark managed to prove yet again that he just knows how to win people over.

Oliver Mark: Beuys

Mixing the unusual. Tush magazine, especially the online version, are known for their unusual fusions in the areas of beauty, fashion and trends. They have commissioned Oliver Mark to deliver a picture series which fits their fictive interview with the deceased artist Beuys. As expected, the result of this cooperation is an extraordinary and funny creative chaos, which is harmonious and right to the point on closer inspection. Oliver Mark, who is known like no other for his exclusive and personal portraits, is facing the task of portraying someone who is long deceased. Of course, just like with his numerous other portraits, he succeeded in fulfilling the task and presented a series of Beuys artworks adapted in his own portrait style. Close, but with a certain distance. Affectionate towards an otherwise rigid object, he manages to push forward into a depth in the end into which Beuys viewer also pushes whenever he gets involved with his artwork. Mark managed what he always does: he researches, he analyzes, and he delivers pictures that seem to have developed by coincidence but which unfold their whole impact in the end. This is a great tribute to Beuys and a wonderful picture series for Tush magazine and their creative people.

Oliver Mark: Spiegel Campaign

In Oliver Mark’s picture series, the Spiegel magazine becomes a display window, since he was allowed to take a look at the editorial department of the magazine. If you know Mark’s works, you have probably realized that he shows things as they are. His pictures usually look unvarnished, close and often transport a kind of familiarity. As a top-notch portrait photographer, he is a great choice for finding and staging Spiegel’s journalists’ and employees’ essence because a meticulous research precedes each shooting. So he created a campaign about the various fields of journalism in which the editors are portrayed and staged with relevant quotes. Mark managed to transport the seriousness and the authenticity of the Spiegel magazine and his unadorned style perfectly emphasizes the people and the excellent work that is done there. In the end, he created an exciting picture series that turns the focus on Spiegel magazine.

Oliver Mark: Exhibition »in Szene gesetzt« at Lindenau Museum

Oliver Mark is known for taking beautiful and touching portraits of celebrities like Cate Blanchett, Benazir Bhutto, Balthus, Richard Serra or Joachim Gauck, A selections of his favorite portraits are part of the exhibition »in Szene gesetzt« at the Linednau-Museum. The exhibition is open for visitors from the 10th October until the 3rd of April 2016.

Oliver Mark: Homestory for a russian oligarch

История одного русского олигарха Съёмка: 8 дней Подготовка до и после съёмки: 4 дня Ассистент: 1 человек Оборудование: 3 профото В2, лампа производитель, 2 камеры Canon, объективы от 16 до 200 миллиметров. Фильм: цифровой Редактирование: 60 часов Съёмка/ сопровождение на месте съёмки: 2 Парикмахер и визажист: 3 дня Стилист: 4 дня Модели: 10 человек Кастинг: 46 человек посредством Sedcard, 22 человека живой кастинг Место съёмок: вилла одного русского олигарха Последующая и заключительная обработка материала: 48 часов Перелёт авиалинией Аэрофлот, Air A 320, бизнес класс Shooting: 8 day Prep- Wrap: 4 days Assistants: 1 Equipment: 3 Profoto B2 plus Lightformer, 2 Canons, Lenses 16 mm to 200 mm Hair& Make-up: 3 days Styling: 4 days Models: 10 Casting: 46 per sedcard, 22 life casting Location: Villa of a russian oligarch Postproduction: 48 hrs Flights: Aeroloft, Air A320, Business Class

Oliver Mark: A Look Behind the Scenes

People like Oliver Mark insure that we don’t drown in boredom. Towards this end, he rushes with his camera through our lives, often far too conformist, finding things that are pleasurable, beautiful, sometimes obscene, and turning them into pictures that take our breath away. It’s impossible to look away, even if you try. He deserves gratitude for providing insights into a world that so often seems dull and orderly from the outside. Because although order is vital, it’s not everything.

Oliver Mark: Welcome in - Oliver Mark!

When photographers assemble their portfolio, they start to doubt, hesitate, and negotiate. That wasn’t any different with Oliver Mark. In contrast to many other creative people, however, who turn out to be half-crazy divas when you try to work with them, Oliver Mark remained firmly grounded during our cooperation: polite, calm, unpretentious, and extremely open-minded. Let’s be honest: everybody working in advertising, every journalist, writer, art director, illustrator, or director—and thus also Oliver Mark—is a mixture of whore, artist, and craftsman. We do it for money. We research, doubt, discard. And we love our work. And we like to talk about it when somebody asks. That’s what we did with Oliver Mark. In order to understand him, we took his work apart. And we talked to him about money, art, and photography. What did we find? A creative spirit. An intelligent and witty conversationalist. And a photographer who always looks for the best picture, regardless of whether he photographs a dog, cat, a mausoleum in Potsdam, or a movie star. A picture that exudes truth, and warmth. Portrait photography is an exchange: trust for trust. To take pictures like the ones Oliver Mark takes, you have to be able to open up—especially if you yourself disappear behind a big camera. Otherwise, the people in front of the camera won’t open up either. But Oliver Mark also masters the other, the tough side of the business. That has to do with light, set-ups, experience, props, and planning. Only that mixture ensures that the resulting picture turns out as planned, and is at the same time new, never before seen, truthful. Oliver Mark beherrscht aber auch die andere, die harte Seite des Geschäfts. Sie hat mit Licht, Aufbau, Erfahrung, Props und Planung zu tun. Erst aus dieser Mischung entsteht die Sicherheit, dass am Ende ein Bild entsteht, das so ist wie geplant und gleichzeitig neu, ungesehen, wahrhaftig Ralf Grauel - Strategic Publishing

Oliver Mark: Loves Books

In his four popular and successful books Oliver has solidified his reputation for creative vision in the arts, photography and design. His unique combinations of sophisticated portraiture and celebrity photography have established him as an icon maker.
Click the following links to see books in detail: Portraits Aus den Trümmern kriecht das Leben Außenseiter und Eingeweihter Heimat Verpflichtet